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Askia Underwood


Askia Underwood is an expert at uncovering unique consumer insights, layering in cultural touch points and identifying imaginative ways to actively drive consumer behavior. A connector and collaborator, Askia prides herself in charting new consumer territory for products, teams, events and brands. Her 17+ years’ experience in consumer strategy is often leveraged to ideate experiential brand moments which motivate consumers to act (watch, share, buy or donate) online. She is based in the Greater Los Angeles area and currently serves as DriveLine’s Chief Growth Officer.

Whether a brand’s audience is local, regional, national or global, her future-focused approach to campaign performance is proven and applied for every client.A data-centrist, Askia's past work includes migrating $27M+ from traditional advertising mediums to higher-performing, digital, social, and search platforms. Her career focus is innovating at the intersection of culture, mobile and digital - the space people connect, consider, and purchase online. Her experience spans various categories including non-profit, political, tech, CPG, beauty, pharmaceutical, and automotive.

Askia is a top web3 consultant and is often tapped to conceptualize the development of advanced format immersive, experiential content, products, and connected experiences. She passionately leans into accelerating the adoption of web3 technologies and the identification of consumer trends in digital.

Askia Underwood
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