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Targeting Swifties and the BeyHive: DriveLine Bridges the Gap Between Businesses and Fanbases

Updated: Jan 15

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it is crucial for businesses to understand their clients' measurable, monetary objectives. This includes revenue targets, lead generation goals, expectations on return on investment (ROI), and other key performance indicators (KPIs). By establishing a clear understanding of these goals, marketing strategies can be effectively structured around them, directly contributing to the client's bottom line and positioning marketing as a mission-critical investment.

DriveLine: A Groundbreaking Solution for Reaching Taylor Swift and Beyoncè Fans

Enter DriveLine, a groundbreaking audience intelligence solution for progressive brands and agencies, uniquely positioned to assist businesses in reaching Taylor Swift’s ‘Swifties’ and Beyoncè’s ‘BeyHive’, two of the most influential and powerful fanbases in the world. With expertise in crafting custom audiences through mobile device data, DriveLine empowers businesses to identify, target, and reach their mobile-first fanbases in a manner which resonates with their interests and passions.

The Economic Impact of Taylor Swift and Beyoncè Fans

Taylor Swift and Beyoncè fans, fondly known as Swifties and the BeyHive, respectively, are not only passionate about their favorite artists but also wield significant spending power. Swifties, for instance, have been estimated to generate around $5 billion in direct spending during Swift's Eras Tour in 2023, encompassing expenses related to tickets, travel, accommodations, food, and merchandise. Similarly, the BeyHive contributed an estimated $1 billion to Beyoncé's merchandise sales, tickets, and other related expenses in 2023.

Two BeyHive fans parade the grounds of the Renaissance Tour. One is wearing a pink top with a bow proudly holding a silver fan, the other is smiling dressed in black exuding excitement about their attendance of The Renaissance Tour
Deej, 28, and her best friend Chaz, 28, traveled from Baltimore to attend the Philadelphia leg of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour at Lincoln Financial Field. “We are the drama,” they said while strutting to the entrance of the show. (Erin Blewett for Billy Penn)

Beyond direct spending, these fanbases also have a substantial impact on the economy. Their fans’ travel, hotel accommodations, and dining expenses during concerts stimulate local businesses and create jobs. Additionally, their enthusiasm and social media engagement amplify the reach of these artists, further enhancing their brand value and attracting new fans.

Leveraging DriveLine to Target Taylor Swift and Beyoncè Fans

Taylor Swift and Beyoncè fans represent a valuable target market for businesses across various industries. Their significant spending power, passion for their favorite artists, and active engagement on social media make them an attractive audience for highly-targeted mobile advertising campaigns.

Swiftie holding mobile device holds out arms decorated with 20 friendship bracelets from the 20 Eras Tour shows she visited
Taylor Swift fans board busses to SoFi to see the first night of her sold-out concert - Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

As an audience provider, DriveLine's audience creation capability enables businesses to tap into the vast and affluent market of Taylor Swift and Beyoncè fans by providing curated audience segments built on movement, behavior and interaction with physical locations. This exclusive new visitation audience segment ‘Swifties’ allows businesses to target and reach attendees of the Eras Tour, Eras Tour concert film viewers in AMC Theatres, and attendees of Kansas City Chiefs games alongside Taylor Swift. You can expect an announcement on their BeyHive audience very soon.

This visitation audience segment can then be used to deploy highly-targeted marketing campaigns which resonate with their fans on a personal level, increasing the likelihood of conversion and customer loyalty.

Unlike relying solely on demographic data or inferred behavioral datasets, DriveLine’s curated visitation audiences involve a more holistic and dynamic approach to reaching relevant audiences. Without the use of any personally identifiable information, DriveLine empowers businesses to target and reach the audiences most relevant to their paid media campaign outcomes through mobile display and video advertising. Their audience intelligence solution goes a step further by providing businesses a comprehensive view into their target audiences’ engagement with physical locations.

Unlocking the Power of Taylor Swift and Beyoncè Fans for Business Success

DriveLine's ability to identify, target, and reach mobile-first ‘Swifties’ through mobile display and video, streaming and connected TV in a meaningful way can lead to increased brand awareness, enhanced customer acquisition, and ultimately, stronger paid media campaign outcomes.

In today's competitive market, it is essential for businesses to adopt innovative strategies to reach highly-engaged target audiences such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncè fans, groups with immense spending power and influence. By partnering with DriveLine, businesses can effectively reach and engage with these fanbases, unlocking their potential of this powerful fanbase to drive brand awareness, increase customer acquisition, and ultimately, business success.

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