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Target Festivalgoers: DriveLine Adds Coachella Attendees To Custom Audience Line-Up

Black female festivalgoer with floral headband and reflective sunglasses looks out on the horizon of the fairgrounds

With over 250,000 attendees gathering across two weekends, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival isn't just a concert; it's a cultural phenomenon.

Picture this: sun-drenched California desert, a kaleidoscope of vibrant attire, and the thrilling sounds of music filling the air. This is the essence of Coachella, one of the largest and most popular music festivals in the world. Held annually in Indio, California, and presented by Goldenvoice (a subsidiary of AG Presents), Coachella attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees over two weekends, featuring a diverse lineup of musical artists, art installations, fashion, and cultural experiences.

Eden_install_2+copy Front View Coachella 2023 Maggie West
Front view of Maggie West's 2023 Eden installation

Understanding the characteristics and preferences of Coachella attendees can be incredibly valuable for businesses looking to target this specific audience.

Here's a breakdown of Coachella 2023 attendees:


  • Primarily young adults, with a significant portion aged 18-34, the average age of a Coachella attendee is 25 years old.

  • Income skews towards higher income brackets, averaging $84,000 a year.

  • Geographically diverse, Coachella attracts attendees from across the US and internationally. Approximately 20% of Coachella attendees are from San Diego County (San Diego Union-Tribune, April 2023).

Interests and Values:

  • Passionate about music, with a diverse range of musical preferences. Attendees often have diverse musical interests and are open to discovering new artists.

  • The festival is known for its unique and often elaborate fashion scene. Attendees tend to be trendsetters interested in fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle products.

  • Beyond music, Coachella offers a variety of art installations and cultural experiences. Attendees are likely interested in art and creativity, are open to new experiences, and enjoy discovering emerging trends.

  • Socially conscious and environmentally aware, with a growing appreciation for sustainable practices.

  • Coachella is a highly social media-driven event. Attendees are active on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, sharing their experiences and following event-related content.

Deploy meaningful mobile video and display campaigns to Coachella 2023 attendees today. This exclusive new audience segment is available through DriveLine's data collaboration with LiveRamp, and various programmatic advertising platforms including The Trade Desk and Xandr.

Coachella festival attendees holding their mobile devices during a live stage performance
Published by: The Atlantic Photo credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty for Coachella

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