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DriveLine Integrates with LiveRamp to Deliver Targeted Advertising Based on Visitation Data

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

DriveLine announced the availability of our custom visitation-based audience segments on LiveRamp's partner network this morning via PR Newswire. This integration will allow marketers to leverage DriveLine's custom visitation audiences to reach their target consumers with more relevant and effective advertising.

"DriveLine's integration with LiveRamp represents a significant milestone in our journey to deliver highly targeted custom audiences from high impact audience intelligence," says Peter Sayer, CEO of DriveLine. "Audiences built on movement, or visitation, serve as a gateway to forging meaningful connections with consumers, shifting from engagement to conversion driven strategy."

DriveLine leverages precise location-intelligence to create custom audiences based on consumers' physical movements and interactions with specific locations. LiveRamp's data connectivity and identity resolution capabilities enable marketers to easily access and target these audiences across multiple programmatic platforms.

This integration is particularly timely as the advertising industry continues to grapple with the demise of third-party cookies. Visitation-based audiences offer a privacy-compliant way for marketers to reach their target audiences without relying on personally identifiable information.

In addition to enabling targeted advertising, DriveLine's integration with LiveRamp also provides marketers with actionable insights on their audience movement and behavior. This information can be used to improve campaign performance, develop new products and services, and gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences.

DriveLine will be hosting a joint webinar on the LiveRamp integration on October 19th at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET. The webinar will discuss the benefits of the integration and how marketers can leverage access to the visitation to reach their target audiences more effectively.

To register for the webinar, please visit the following link: Reach Audiences That Matter


Update: Reach Audiences That Matter has been rescheduled due to AdWeek. The new date is October 26th at 10am pst/1pm est. Register to attend and receive the live recording.

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