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DriveLine and MSE Partner to Ignite Fan Attendance with Innovative Campaign 'Meet Me At District E'

DriveLine, Inc. and Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE), America's leading sports & entertainment family, collaborated to announce a new partnership to ignite fan attendance at District E powered by Ticketmaster, MSE's newest state-of-the-art entertainment venue this morning.

The partnership will leverage DriveLine's ability to segment and target custom audiences based on their visitation habits, and allows MSE to reach and attract

Washington Wizards fans, Capitals fans, and Capital One Arena concert attendees in a new innovative way.

What does this mean for advertising industry professionals?

This partnership between DriveLine and Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE) is a great example of how marketers can leverage advanced audience intelligence via (DriveLine's custom visitation audiences) to drive event attendance, improve their fan experiences and digital campaign outcomes.

DriveLine's groundbreaking audience intelligence solutions enable marketers to create, target, and reach relevant custom audiences across 250 million mobile devices, and gain actionable insights on their audience movement and behavior, without the accessing any personally identifiable information (PII). The partnership aligns with DriveLine's mission to help businesses reach their target audiences with relevance and precision across mobile display and video advertising.

"Our partnership with DriveLine will allow us to use custom audience intelligence to better understand our customers and provide offerings at District E that both excite our current fans and help us attract new guests," says Erin Mitchell Martin, Vice President, Venues Marketing at Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

This partnership also serves as a sign of the growing importance of audience intelligence in the sports and entertainment industries. As venues look to reach their unique fan audiences through mobile devices, DriveLine is well-positioned to assist in the achievement of their audience optimization goals.

"District E powered by Ticketmaster is a first-class venue, and we are confident our audiences will support MSE's efforts to deliver a premium food and beverage experience to their fans, guests, and visitors," says Peter Sayer, Chief Executive Officer of DriveLine.


The announcement was made October 24th, 2023. Access the full press release here.

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