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The intersection between audience insights and ad delivery.

We had a dream where brands can have access to audience insights and deliver ad campaigns from one platform. So, we built DriveLine. 

The Driveline Story

In 2020, Driveline's Founder, Peter Sayer, was at a University of Florida football game where he met a marketing agency owner facing a challenge with one of the nations largest mattress companies. The agency owner needed foot traffic patterns for the retail store locations in order to develop a marketing campaign. Peter suggested using technology to solve the issue and approached his former technology collaborator and Driveline co-Founder, Noel Baron. Noel was confident he could build a platform to deliver the insights if they could find the data. Thus, the idea for DriveLine was born.

As a test case, Peter and Noel asked a competitor in the location-based space if they could pull a foot-traffic report for Times Square during the few days around New Year's Eve. The competitor could do it but it would take a week or two to deliver. Noel and Peter believed waiting that long for data was unacceptable.

Additionally, Driveline understood the need to go beyond insights to provide a solution where businesses can also advertise directly to these audiences without the fuss of additional complicated datastets, DSPs or ad networks.


This realization led to the development of Driveline, a platform that offers accurate, ethically-sourced, compliant data that empowers brands to learn more about their most relevant audiences by gaining insights into their movement and behaviors.

Privacy, built into our core.

Regulatory concerns and privacy, prioritized. 

Driveline's foundation is built on caring about Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We neither collect nor sell PII. All the data we gather is compliant information derived from the Software Development Kit (SDK). This means that all the data we use is opt-in, and all of the audience insights utilized in the DriveLine solution are ethically sourced.


We are not a data curator, we are a platform.

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